Versaterm was founded in 1977 and from the beginning, focused on creating advanced information and management systems for municipal Public Safety agencies. Versaterm has been doing Fire/Police/EMS systems for integrated dispatch and early EOC’s since 1985.

Versaterm products were first employed in the US in 1991 – in the Caribbean in 1995 – and gained major market share through the Y2K replacement cycle, that so many North American Police agencies experienced. With scores of US Police Departments using Versadex, Versaterm now achieves annual growth rates of 30%.

In 2002 Versaterm and Four Js  announced their contribution to making the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City safe for athletes and attendees. With its suite of solutions, Versaterm provided Police officers in this multi-jurisdictional environment with access to shared information – arrests, warrants, criminal history, mug shots and prior criminal involvement among other critical information. Mobile workstations in the patrol cars also provided officers with complete and fast access to their local files and quick, easy access to state as well as national crime information centers.

Versaterm Department of Police clients range in size from 25 officers to over 5000. Other clients span all aspects of emergency services including Fire Brigades.

“I consider Four Js as the very best tool for the development of applications.”

Ron Meyer
CEO Versaterm, Canada