Genero Container

Create and deploy applications
Faster and more securely

Genero® Container provides an efficient way to standardize
your application environment from development to production.

Leverage Docker® and Genero Container Images to containerize your applications. Deploy applications to Docker or the more advanced Kubernetes® (K8s) environments quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

In today’s world of Cloud computing, the virtualization of hardware has enabled applications developed for different operating systems to run on the same server saving money and energy. By abstracting applications from the server’s hardware and operating environments, virtualization enables deployments to a single server irrespective of how they were developed. Virtualization is now being supplanted by a more efficient solution – Containerization.

Containerization tightly packages an application with only the essential operating system dependencies it needs into a ‘lightweight’ executable – called a container. Applications now run consistently on any infrastructure making for rapid, bug-free deployments. These more portable and resource-efficient containers increase the number of applications that can be deployed on the same server for even greater efficiency. That is why containers have become the de facto compute unit of modern cloud-native applications.

Run your Genero application in any environment from your laptop or private data center to K8s on AWS, Azure or Google cloud. Four Js provides templates and scripting tools improving your application lifecycle management, integration with CI/CD, and time-to-market.

Yana Munzer | Containerization R&D Leader at Four Js Development Tools


+ Run in any container


+ Distributed workload
and efficient routine


+ Rollout versions
w/o impacting
existing user connections

Increase ROI by reducing time-to-market and amplifying devOps IaC effectiveness.

Pre-built Genero Container images allow you to reduce application installation time, scale to meet unplanned customer demands, or start new containers.

Build your applications on the strength of the Genero platform.

Genero Containers also provides a reference architecture to run your applications. We provide detailed instructions, documentation, and references for runtime environments.

Replicable, tested and secure deployment.

Benefit from containers capabilities to adopt best development practices.

DevOps teams test their development directly in a replica of the production infrastructure making their development more reliable and production ready.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) fully describes and scripts the deployment environment for a replicable and secure deployment of your production environment

Products and deployments

Genero Container Images

We are offering base Genero container images that help you jump start the development and deployment of your applications on containers.

Runtime images

Runtime images form the base for the deployment of your infrastructure to production and for the use by devops teams willing to test their development in a replica of the production environment.

The images support multiple database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, on-premise Informix…) and provide the logging and monitoring capabilities to manage your images in the cloud.

Build images

For Genero Studio users, the build images integrate with CI/CD pipelines to build your studio projects producing Genero Archive files ready for deployment to the application server.

Deployment of genero containers

The best fit for your application deployment: A cost effective environment from simplest to most scalable

Genero containers provide various deployment options for the containers to best fit your application scalability requirements and cost-effectiveness.

Choose your deployment from the simplest to the most advanced and scalable environment:

  • the simplest runtime environment, having one or a few static containers,
  • an intermediate environment with additional features, such as automated scaling of the containers and load-balanced traffic,
  • or to an advanced environment that ensures your application is secure, resilient, reliable, highly available and more.

Training programs

Learn online with our training classes

Whether you are new to containerization or not, our highly motivated and experienced team is ready to provide you with a full training program. The aim is to help you become more knowledgeable on Genero Containers and their usage, customize and simplify the creation and management of your application runtime environment and enjoy riding the containerization wave with us.

See Trainings for a more detail training content.

DEPLOY your app to containers

We provide services to help you move your application to containers and choose the appropriate and cost-effective deployment options in the cloud.

Our services include helping you design and create the runtime environment for your Genero application in a Cloud and Kubernetes environment. We have a reference architecture leveraging the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service that can simplify the management of your Genero containers, boost its security, and enhance the overall experience for end users.

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