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Training Programs

Whether you are new to containerization or not, our highly motivated and experienced team is ready to provide you with a full training program. The aim is to help you become more knowledgeable on Genero Containers and their usage, customize and simplify the creation and management of your application runtime environment and enjoy riding the containerization wave with us.

We have set 2 training programs you can enrol in:

  • Introduction to Genero Docker Containers
    You can start with a simple course where we introduce you to Docker, Genero Container Images and the basic usage of the containers. You also get to build your own custom Genero Container Image and learn how to leverage the use of CI/CD pipelines to automate the process of creating your images.
  • Deploy Genero runtime Containers on Kubernetes
    This program offers an advanced training on deploying Genero containers onto a Kubernetes environment where you get the benefits of efficient load balancing, automated scaling, advanced security architecture, monitoring and alerting and more.

When you enroll to our training programs, you get access to detailed instructions, documentation, and references to create and manage an AWS EKS runtime environment to host your applications. As well as utilities and tools to simplify the process of creating and managing the environment.

  • Reference Deployment Architecture on AWS EKS
    • Documented configuration files,
    • Can be used as is but intended to be customized,
    • Integrates AWS services for:
      • Security (identity management, firewalls, AWS service access, …),
      • Logging, monitoring and alerting,
  • Automation tool for EKS
    • Configurable deployment and updates of AWS EKS clusters,
    • Wraps AWS client tools and APIs.
  • Reference CI/CD Integration
    • Documented GIT repository with CI/CD integration,
    • Implements automated build and deployment of a Genero application in the AWS EKS environment.

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