The Mexican State Institute for Social Security Services (ISSSTE)

The Mexican State Institute for Social Security Services (ISSSTE) is one of the leading Mexican government organizations. It offers a variety of services to state employees and has centralized its critical medical information into one new system – developed with Genero – available throughout their network of hospitals and clinics.

As a key part of the Mexican government, ISSSTE is required to constantly innovate and strive to provide government employees with the best care possible. The new application not only cut costs dramatically for each medical facility, but it also reduced the waiting time for each patient by 50%. With Four J’s solution ISSSTE was able to create a new customized solution in less than six months and within a very tight budget.

The goal of the project was to integrate an information system that could unite all the medical, hospital and patient information into one centralized database and standardize the hospitals and clinics procedures to provide a better quality of service across their network. This represents more than 10 million ISSSTE member records  The new application is already running at several major hospitals and will be fully implemented in 2006 – across more than 1,200 medical facilities ranging from small clinics to large hospitals.

“This application was built to fit the specific needs of ISSSTE and this project is considered one of the most successful in the history of ISSSTE’s IT department. This was only possible with the rapid application development and deployment functionalities provided by Four J’s, and next to impossible with competitive software tools.”

Raymundo Badillo,
Project Manager,

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