The Accountant General Office of Malaysia and Century Software have recently completed the install and commissioning of Financial Software at 10 Statutory Bodies in Malaysia.

The application suite is compliant to the Malaysian government SAGA (Standard Accounting for Government Agencies). These first 10 agencies are part of a phased rollout of the Century SAGA application in a project that included a total of 16 agencies.

“The Century SAGA application has it’s core founded in scaleable multi-company, multi-currency business software with specific engineered enhancements and modules to match the stringent SAGA standards” said Samsul bin Hussien, Executive Director of Century Software.

He went on to say “The Accountant General selected Century SAGA for a number of reasons including the applications match to government functionality, because Century Software is ISO 9001 certified and also their expansive in-house Century SAGA people implementation team that includes 30 government accounting specialists”.

This current project rollout when complete will provide access to over 3000 employees across 16 agencies.

Century Software has installations over 50 government agencies, universities, port authorities, newspapers, retailers, distributors and banks using it’s application software suite.

The Century applications are developed using the business development tools from Four Js. “With Four Js we can develop products that run on a choice of databases and that can scale from as few as five users to thousands of users. Combine this with the Four Js web client technology that allows our users to run our application by simply launching from a browser. This gives us the ultimate in deployment flexibility without installing anything on the user PC” said Tamil Selvan, Director of Professional Services at Century Software.