Spanish Airforce

The Spanish Airforce has rolled-out a major budgeting and finance application across a secured intranet to 1000+ users that will provide important information on-line to 19 regional airforce military installations, its headquarters and that nation’s Ministry of Defense.

Key to the selection criteria was Genero’s ability to operate as a ‘thin client’, providing an MS-Windows ‘look and feel’ from within a browser. This greatly facilitates development and network management, reducing administration costs by minimising the software needed on the workstation.

“The truth is that Four J’s gave us outstanding support during the entire project development process. Genero provides everything we need; productivity, performance, independence. This gives me the comfort level I need to manage an on-line information system of this magnitude and complexity.”

Col. José Emerito Vazquez,
Project Manager,
The Spanish Airforce.