iES© (iAdapt Enterprise Software)

iES© (iAdapt Enterprise Software) is a multinational enterprise software company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company develops and delivers enterprise software for customers worldwide who procure, assemble and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. The iES© ERP product is a mature and seamlessly integrated Cloud based suite of 30 business modules making up the solution and because the software is highly customizable the iAdapt client base is as diverse as the various industries that make up the business market.

iAdapt specializes in utilizing the Genero BDL language and tools – in conjunction with its own RAD Development Framework Tools for either Genero Development work, Genero conversions to alternate databases and finally the sales and implementation of the ERP solutions.

One of the primary benefits of having selected FourJ’s Genero toolkit, is that it has provided iAdapt the freedom to offer a fully flexible and deployable solution on any of the mainstream vendors environments. Essentially no client or customer is “locked in” to any vendor for their environment or infrastructure. A customer may start the ERP journey on the IBM Informix RDBMS but, for strategic reasons, decides to switch to MS SQL Server then this is managed smoothly and seamlessly with the iES© products.

The iES© is made up of multiple business clusters which make up the 20 odd modules such as:

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Office contact number is: +27 (0) 11 432 7077