Beset spol. s r.o.

Beset is one of Slovakia’s leading IT providers, delivering comprehensive private and public sector IT solutions for over 40 years. Beset designs custom IT solutions using its own intellectual property combined with mainstream technology. Certified project managers drive in-house teams of security and IT consultants, business and IT analysts, whose work is validated by quality assurance specialists.

In the private sector, Beset’s focus is on Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to implement specialized ERPs for the manufacturing sector. In the public sector Beset dominates in financial, public safety and medical insurance domains. Beset also participates in start-up research & development projects and implementing EU funded projects.

Beset spol. s r.o.

Jelenia 18
81105 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Phone: + 421 2 57 275 111