Followmont Transport

Followmont Transport upgrades to Omnix SmartMove 3.6 having been a user since 1995. This decision was based on new features as well as additional functionality available in new modules.

New Features Introduced:

  • New intranet menus & improved navigation
  • New location hierarchy & rating engine, which reduced the rates by 60%
  • New pickup system
  • Graphical Dispatch
  • E-Commerce (B2C & B2B)
  • M-Commerce (in-vehicle PDA’s)
  • Enterprise Reporting Due to substantial growth over the past years they required to streamline input of consignments, which is running in the order of 20,000/week.

This is being achieved with the implementation of the new pickup subsystem, file exchange with key customers and web access (low volume). A new downloadable remote consignment program is under alpha testing, which will permit batch processing by depots, customers or agents anywhere in Australia. Key benefits to customers is the electronic processing of their consignments, including printing, packing labels, manifest, runsheets and online monitoring & proof of delivery.