Tahan Insurance

Tahan Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in Malaysia, in terms of paid-up capital and also its extensive nationwide network of branches, offering comprehensive Life and General Insurance services.

Tahan Insurance represents the merger of three independent insurance companies, known as People’s Insurance, Tenaga Insurance and Talasco Insurance. Each company operated on its own insurance systems running on different hardware and software and so plans were laid to consolidate all three insurance systems into a single system.

The BASS-GI system from BASS Consulting was selected for the General Insurance needs. Over two thousand man-hours of engineering effort went into the implementation of GIS. Since the implementation of BASS-GI the benefits have been gained:

  1. Cash Before Cover (CBC) control in motor underwriting. This feature reduces short payment monitoring from agent or the insured, which results in reduced bad debts.
  2. Online Risk Accumulation in Re-insurance underwriting that brings about tremendous improvement in risk management.
  3. Incorporated Auto Retrieval of Cover Note Information for Receipt Issuance. The receipt issuance process is greatly accelerated with a much reduced error rate.
  4. With the availability of online authorization for cover note, underwriting, claims and accounting modules, better controls can be put in placed.
  5. The ability for BASS-GI to perform claim file closing by loss category and by claimant.
  6. Claim barring for multiple claims of the same insured. This is not permissible unless with authorization.
  7. Fast track policy data entry screen to improve performance.

Finally, Tahan also experiences significantly cheaper training and maintenance costs as new employees would only need to be familiar with the usage of a single system instead of three.

BASS-GI was chosen because it is a fully integrated and feature rich back-end system and the BASS project team possessed the required domain knowledge.

The BASS-GI system is written entirely using Four Js development tools. The BASS-GI application is installed at over 20 insurance companies in Asia Pacific including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.