GENERO Container

Early Access Program (EAP) now open

Irving, Texas – July, 9th 2024 – Dear Customers, Four Js is happy to inform you about the Genero Container Early Access Program (EAP).

But what is Genero Container?

A Genero Container Image (GCI) provides you with Docker images containing a Genero Application Server (GAS), a Genero Report Writer (GRE) runtime, and database clients. Each GCI can be installed, tuned, and integrated with AWS EKS scaling, monitoring, logging, and alerting.

We are currently supporting 3 categories of GCIs:

  • A base GAS image and a V5 Genero BDL runtime,
  • A GAS image with database client support and a V5 Genero BDL runtime,
  • A GAS image with GRE V5 and a V5 Genero BDL runtime.

You will be able to test the Genero Containers during the EAP and get dedicated help for 3 months.

More information about Genero Container is available here.

We are also proud to offer new professional services to provide Genero container training. For more information about this offering, visit our GENERO CONTAINER TRAINING Programs

Please contact your local support center to participate in this Early Access Program.

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