OCS Group

The OCS Group provides professional maintenance services to its customers, worldwide. With a turnover of more than 400 million pounds per year, its offer covers catering services, laundry, hygiene, cleaning, security, maintenance and transport. The company has chosen Genero to develop a management tool for the laundries and reading bar codes.

“I have been impressed by Four J’s development system and the ease with which it allowed us to migrate our strategic applications to our new corporate standard based on a server under a Windows/SQL environment. The Four J’s tools again proved their usefulness when they interfaced without any problem with our Sage Enterprise and SAP environments. We know that Four J’s development system gives us extensibility and flexibility, which is all the more true since the inception of Genero. These two elements are vital for the development of an infrastructure able to support our activities, which are diversified and represent 400 million pounds sterling.”

Jenny Sener
TIC Manager OCS Group, Great Britain

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