Century Software

Century Software develops complete and flexible software solutions for accounting and finance. It has installations at over 50 government agencies, universities, port authorities, newspapers, retailers, distributors and banks using it’s application software suite sited in Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Century applications are developed using the business development tools from Four Js.

“With Four Js we can develop products that run on a choice of databases and that can scale from as few as five users to thousands of users. Combine this with the Four Js web client technology that allows our users to run our application by simply launching from a browser. This gives us the ultimate in deployment flexibility without installing anything on the user PC” said Tamil Selvan, Owner Century Software.

“The fact that Genero enables us to add new objects and new data types to the language, combined with the XML interface, means that we can improve our applications, so that we can adapt them quickly to the current and future expectations of our customers,” added Mark Rees
VP Programmes Development Century Software.