Genero Enterprise – A Low Code Development Platform

Genero Enterprise – more than just a low-code development platform (LCDP), it’s a cross-platform deployment infrastructure that future-proofs your app

  • Studio (Ent. Edition)
  • Business Development Language (BDL)
  • Open Database Interface
  • Web Client
  • Desktop Client
    • Report Viewer for Desktop
  • Web Services
  • Report Writer for BDL
    • Report Engine for BDL,
    • Report Viewer for HTML5
  • Mobile
  • Business Application Modeller
  • Deployment infrastructure

Genero Enterprise

  • Business Application Modeller. Provides the hub for low-code development through a modeler that creates application workflows, database schemas and user interfaces in minutes.
  • Code Editor.  Insert custom business logic with syntax completion, syntax coloring, real-time syntax and semantic error checking, and code template management.
  • Debugger. Step through source code line by line, set breakpoints, examine data, and view trace backs.
  • Forms Designer. Draw on your project’s database schemas for database-aware apps in seconds.
  • Code analyser. Pinpoint “hot spots”, dead ends and neverending loops in your source code.
  • Project Manager. Maintain apps in a convenient, collapsible hierarchical tree that are ready to edit, build, debug, and execute. Node identity cards document the purpose, schema, source location, files, and references of every program and library, along with the time stamp and status of every file.
  • Subversion. Work standalone or in groups, locally or remotely using a unique graphical implementation of Subversion.
  • Cross-platform. Create XML-based platform independent user interfaces for HTML5, Linux, MAC OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. Support the most popular industry-leading databases: IBM DB2, IBM Informix, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL  and operating systems: HP UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Mac OSX, Oracle Solaris and Windows.
  • Separate code and presentation. Translate text via external catalogs without accessing source code.
  • Genero Mobile
  • Genero Report Writer for BDL
  • Studio (Mobile Edition)
  • Business Development Language (BDL)
  • SQLite Interface
  • Web services
  • Business Application Modeller
  • Deployment infrastructure

Genero Mobile

  • Smartphones & tablets. Apps resize to fit the device’s available screen real estate. Tablet split-screens become swipeable smartphone panes automatically without the need for specific coding.
  • iOS & Android. Abstract code hides OS complexities and compiles to both iOS .ipa and Android .apk formats without modification.
  • Native ergonomics & performance. Apps seamlessly access native APIs to interact with peripherals and faithfully reproduce widget and gesture controls of the target platform.
  • (Dis)connected modes. Apps run with or without a network connection via the on-board Genero virtual machine.
  • Embedded SQLite. Apps can store offline data captured by the device to SQLite and sync. to back-end servers when the network is restored.
  • RESTful Web services. Apps sync. with back-end servers or dialog with Internet business services using JSON or XML Web services.
  • UTF-8. Genero makes use of the ‘Universal Coded Character Set + Transformation Format—8-bit’ character encoding, which translates all possible characters into Unicode. UTF-8 has become the dominant character encoding for the World Wide Web and is especially important for supporting Oriental character sets.
  • Studio (Writer Edition)
  • Report Engine for Java, C#, PHP, Cobol
  • Report Viewer for HTML5
  • Business Application Modeller

Genero Report Writer

  • Enterprise reports. Create rich layouts supporting enterprise features found in products orders of magnitude more expensive; page and group headers, smart page-breaks, running totals, charts, images, fonts, bar-codes, vector graphics, and tables.
  • High speed, high volume. Stream high-volume, multi-source graphic reports comprising complex, nested data structures. No matter how long your report is – just a few pages or thousands – the streamed output will always start printing in a matter of seconds.
  • Seamless integration. Embed reports into Java, PHP, C# or Cobol applications. Strong data typing validates incompatibilities between data sources and report designs immediately at compile time, avoiding runtime errors that would otherwise frustrate users and waste valuable developer time.
  • Save time and resources. Increase report production significantly by empowering end-users to create their own dynamic reports from existing templates. By allowing end-users to safely customize templates themselves, you’ll significantly reduce the overall number of reports to manage and free scarce developer resources for more value-added feature development.