Web Applications (GWC)

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Please note that the videos found in this section are based on versions prior to Genero 3.00.

Deliver your Genero application through the internet and in a Web browser.


An Introduction to the Genero Web Client Training

Knowledge Topics

What is the Genero Web Client?

How the Genero Web Client Delivers an Application

Application Modes

Web Technologies and the GWC

Installation and Configuration

Installing the Genero Application Server

Adding an Application

GAS Configuration Basics - an Introduction

Configuring Port Numbers

Configuring Logging

Configuring Resources

See also Expert’s Corner for more GWC customization tips.

Understanding Your Customization Options

Create or Modify a Genero Presentation Style

Customizing with Cascading Style Sheets (Part 1)

Customizing with Cascading Style Sheets (Part 2)

Customizing with Templates and Snippets

Branding an Application with a Header and Footer