Learning Genero

Write, compile, and run a graphical application that creates, modifies, and reports on data stored in a database.

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15. Built-in Classes

Using Genero’s built-in classes

Explore Genero’s time and code-saving built-in classes and methods and see how to use them in your code.

Getting application information with base.Application methods

Easily get application information by using the base.Application methods.

Calling client-side functions with ui.Interface.frontCall()

Call standard or custom client side functions by using the frontCall method.

Working with string objects

Define and use string objects.

Working with string methods

Use string methods to manipulate string objects.

Comparing two strings

Compare string values.

Use of ui.Dialog methods

Explore various ui.Dialog methods such as setActionActive() to use in your interactive dialogs.

Loading a comboBox with data (ui.ComboBox)

Dynamically load a comboBox object with data from a database.

Loading a comboBox with data (Ex: list of states)

Dynamically load a comboBox with state values from a state table.

Enabling and disabling actions example (ui.Dialog)

Creating a ToolBar programmatically with methods (createChild and setAttribute)

Creating a TopMenu programmatically with methods (createChild and setAttribute)

Creating a startMenu programmatically with methods in parent/child (WCI) applications