6. Adding a Report

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In this video, we’ll implement the ReportData we have in our model. With the ReportData object implemented, our generated program will include options to view and print the report.

Step 1: Set up the relationship between the form and report components

Select the relationship link between the Form and the Report to display the properties. Change the Type property to ReportRelation.


Step 2: Implement the Report

Right click on the ReportData object and select Implement Data Diagram from Database. Here you can select the table and columns you want available in the report design.

I can run the report at this point, and a default report design will be used.

Since this may not be suitable to your needs, you can add your own report layout file for the report to use.

Step 3: Add a 4rp Report Design Template

To add a report design to use instead of the default, I create one here. (File > New > Reports > List Report)

Now, in order to add fields that I want to include onto this report design, I need to associate the design with a report definition file (rdd). This rdd file was generated for me when I built the report as part of the application. Notice it is in the Intermediate Files folder.

From the Data View tab, I’ll associate this design with my generated rdd file.

Once I’ve designed my report, I’ll assign this design to the ReportData object on my BA diagram by selecting the relation between my form and ReportData object and setting the report file property to the name of my 4rp design file.

Now when I run the application, my report displays not using the default layout, but my report layout.

You can learn more about designing visually rich data reports in the Genero Report Writer section of our video library.