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Deliver your Genero application through the internet and in a Web browser.


Learn what a maintenance key is and how to quickly find and add it your license. Note: This key is not necessary for BDS and Genero prior to version 2.20
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One of the most important tips for licensing a Four Js product is that you can make it a 2 step process:

  1. Fully functional 30 days temp license
  2. Seamless switch from temporary to permanent with your grace period

This gives you great flexibility and removes the complexity and hassle of the standard procedure requesting that you have a direct online connection to the web. Possible scenarios of use:

  • Your server doesn’t have direct access to internet for security purposes
  • An Hardware or IP change was made to your server and you need to quickly have it back up o Fail-over system needs to come up
  • Test environment where frequent moving, re-licensing Four Js products may happen

This video demonstrate the process for Unix/Linux.
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See the evolution of dialogs from single to multiple dialog interface. See how easy it is to add functionality like multiple row selection and drag and drop with minimal lines of code.