Learning Genero

Write, compile, and run a graphical application that creates, modifies, and reports on data stored in a database.

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6. Form Widgets

Set attributes to customize user interface objects.

Create editable fields for input and display of data on a form.

Create buttons on a form to trigger actions.

Create labels to display text or data on a form.

Create note style objects on a form for input and display of long text.

Create sets of radio buttons on a form for single-choice selections.

Add checkboxes on a form.

Add a form item that automatically pops up a calendar for date selection.

Create a drop down list of items for single-choice selection.
Related example code – 2nd combobox populates after user selects item from 1st combobox

Add form items that allow the user to increment values by mouseclick and/or typing.

Add a form item that continuously displays the progress of a task.

Add a form item for displaying a frequently changing image from a data source or a static logo-type image.