4. Adding a Detail Record

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In this video, I’ll show you how to add a detail record to your form in your generated program. A master-detail form simply allows the user to see the master record and its corresponding detail records. Data from either record can be browsed and modifed.

In our example, we’ll add a detail table widget to show the orders placed for each account record.

Step 1: Modify the form

The first step is to modify the form to include the detail record. I’ll use the Data Control Wizard to quickly create a table container widget of the order fields I want to include on the form.

Step 2: Join records

Next, I’ll set the join between the records.  I’ll right click on the foreign key field orders.userid and choose the Add Relation To option. Now I’ll drag the arrow to the primary key account.userid. Note that the properties for the relationship shows these values.

Now I’ll build and run and scroll through the account rows to see the detail orders. Note that when I choose to modify the form, I can enter either the master or detail area to modify the data.