Learning Genero

Write, compile, and run a graphical application that creates, modifies, and reports on data stored in a database.

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5. Form Layout


Overview of container types available to organize form layout.

Working with hbox and vbox

Use horizontal and vertical box containers to organize the layout of a form.

Working with grid containers

Use grid containers to layout form objects.

Working with groupBox containers

Use bordered groupBox containers to organize form objects.

Working with folder tabs

Save screen real estate and use the folder and page containers to create multiple folder tabs on the form.

Use of folders example

See a form with folder tabs implemented.

Working with table containers

Use table containers to layout form data and objects in a table format.

Changing folder tab position (New in v. 2.20!)

Using the pictureFlow style to show an array of images (New in v. 2.20!)

Working with tree containers (New in v. 2.20!)


Use of tree container examples (New in v. 2.20!)