3. Adding a Zoom Form

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Zoom forms allow the user to pick a value from a list displayed in a popup window. Let’s add a zoom form of country codes for the user to pick from.

Step 1: Implement the zoom on the 4ba

From our 4ba diagram, i’ll implement the zoom form from the country database table.

You can see on the records tab, that the country table is active and that it has a unique key set.

Step 2: Modify the calling form

Now, I’ll modify the main form to trigger the call to the zoom form.

I’ll convert the country code field on the main form to a buttonEdit so that the user can pull up the zoom form right from the country code field.

In the action property for the country code, I need to set the action value to a unique name. Here I’ll call it country_zoom. This is the name the action will have in the source when the code is generated.

Step 3: Implement the relation between the forms

Now, I need to tell my model, how to trigger the zoom form from my main form. In the relationship properties, I’ll  identify country_zoom as the action and identify the source and destination fields for the join between the account and country tables. This popup helps me to easily pick from columns in the table to be referenced.

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