Learning Genero

Write, compile, and run a graphical application that creates, modifies, and reports on data stored in a database.

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New in Genero 2.20

Change folder tabs from the default top position to left, right, or bottom.

Add folder tabs to an MDI application so that child programs run in a tabbed display within the parent program window.

Change the text of textEdits, buttons, and labels to display as a clickable hyperlink.

Determine which actions should appear on the context menu when a user right cliks on the program.

Change the behaviour of a screen array so that the user can select more than one row.

Apply new styles to textEdit objects that allow for hyperlinks, search, and spell checking.

Change a table’s style to pictureFlow and display images in a modern way.

Implement a tree container to display grouped items that can be expanded and collapsed.

Examples of tree containers in use.