Genero Report Writer

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Genero Report Writer (GRW) is the graphical reporting suite integrated with Genero. It includes a reporting engine (GRE) capable of streaming and layouting, a report designer (GRD) integrated with Genero Studio, and a report viewer (GRV). This series of presentations provide you with the framework necessary for using the GRW.

Charts and Graphs

Module 11 Part 1: Charts overview, Creating a Map Chart

Module 11 Part 2: Creating a Category Chart

Module 11 Part 3: Creating an XY Chart, Report Structure, Summary

Lab 11: Working with Charts and Graphs Introduction

Lab 11.1: Creating a Simple Map Chart (Revenue by State)

Lab 11.2: Creating a Map Chart for each State (Revenue by Order)

Lab 11.3: Creating a Category Chart (Revenue by State, Categorized by Stock Description)