eCommerce leap for Brazil’s leading sports retailer

São Paulo, Brazil – March 6, 2018 — Lojas Centauro Ltda., the leading Brazilian sports equipment retailer and the World’s fourth largest sports retail channel, has deployed a new Point of Sale (POS) business solution in order to fuel its growth plans in the competitive world of online commerce – a move made possible with Genero Enterprise.

Online retail is draining business from traditional brick and mortar retail chains. After several failed attempts to rewrite in Java, Centauro needed to respond rapidly and quickly found their feet with Genero.

David Salazar,
VP Latin America,
Four Js Development Tools Latin America SACV.

The accelerating trend towards online commerce – one that is driving so many brick and mortar household names out of business – has become an urgent priority for the company. Founded in 1981, it is currently transforming itself – with the help of Genero – to the digital economy.

New features required for such a transformation are: Web services and access to key business processes via mobile devices. After many failed attempts to migrate with Java, Centauro switched to Genero as the only viable alternative deployable in a short timeframe and at an affordable price.

About Lojas Centauro Ltda.

The Centauro channel comprises 189 stores in 22 states and retails high-profile brands including: Adidas, Nike, Kappa, ASICS, Speedo and Reebok. It was FIFA’s sixth and final sponsor for the 2014 World Cup. The group employs over 8,000 staff and has revenues approaching $1Bn.