Genero Enterprise 3.10 Maintenance Release

Four Js is pleased to announce a Maintenance Release for Genero Enterprise 3.10

The following products are now available :

  • Genero BDL bundle (FGLGWS) 3.10.12 including
    • Business Development Language (FGL) 3.10.11
    • Web service extension (GWS) 3.10.09
    • Testing tool (GGC) 1.10.07
    • Application Server for Java (JGAS) 1.00.10
    • Web Components and wrappers (WCG) 1.00.12
  • Genero Application Server (GAS) 3.10.10
  • Genero Desktop Client (GDC) 3.10.12
  • Genero Mobile for Android (GMA) 1.30.10
  • Genero Mobile for IOS (GMI) 1.30.11

These packages are now available from the web site

This maintenance release includes bug fixing and enhancements.

BDL, ODI and Web Services:

Desktop Client:

  • Translation update
  • WebComponent now relies on Chromium 62.0.3202.89
  • WebComponent supports native spell checking

Genero Mobile:

Genero Mobile for Android (GMA)

  • Better layout when using complex forms
    Important notice: This may have impact on existing form. Take care to check your form rendering when migrating.
  • runonserver is working with GAS/FGL 3.00

Genero Web Client:

Genero Application Server:

Genero Web Components:

Third party libraries upgrade:

  • QT 5.9.3
  • libxml 2.9.7
  • libxslt 1.1.32
  • libopenssl 1.0.2.n

Genero Studio :
In order to use these packages during development from Genero Studio, you need to update your Genero configuration to point to the location where you installed them.

Listed below are the bugs fixed with this release :

Four Js Genero customers with valid maintenance contracts have free access to these new releases.

Documentation :
A new version of the documentation can be downloaded at the URL :

You can use the Genero Studio auto-update functionality to update the documentation embedded in your Genero Studio package. To update the inline documentation, select Help -> Check for Updates … from the menu.

Best regards,
Four J’s Development Tools