Spain’s leading TV group Telecinco channels programs for future services through Genero

Madrid, Spain – January 26, 2010 — Gestevision Telecinco (GT5), Spain’s leading TV media group with over $1Bn Euros in sales, recently went live with its modernized application services platform designed to improve business performance using the Genero development suite

“In a dynamic organization such as ours, each business unit needs to be agile and adapt to changing trends in its sector, such as the delivery of mobile content,”
said Jorge Martin Ibarra Manager, Information Development.

“This means continuous business process changes with a small team on an aggressive schedule. It was a bit of a gamble to take on so much in such a short period of time, but the pay back is there. Now we have the flexibility, high availability and reliability with great graphics for end users.”

“Everything was designed, developed and project managed by ourselves. What’s more, Genero adapted perfectly to our system infrastructure including the multiple database management platforms. I’d like to thank Four Js Iberica for their inestimable help during the start up and roll-out phase of the project.”

Three activities were targeted to begin with; executive information and content rights management, mergers and acquisitions and fiction program development.

These applications, originally developed in a variety of different tools, were centralized under a single development team using Genero Studio and the Genero Web Client. This ambitious project, completed in less than one year, met its goal of greatly simplifying maintenance and software distribution across the group as well as improving the end user experience.