Four Js Sponsors Latin American CIO Summit

Hesperia Hotel, Margarita Island, Venezuela – March 29, 2009 — Even with the prospect of the difficult year forecast by many IT analysts, distinguished government and industry executives invested their valuable time in this prestigious event to network with peers and discuss business challenges and technology trends.

Hesperia Hotel, Margarita Island, Venezuela –
host to the 2009 Latin America CIO Forum

Complementing “best-practise” presentations with analyst debates, delegates from as far afield as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico shared their experiences and successes in business and government projects.

Panel discussions led by renowned industry analysts included:

  • IT Investments in 2009,
  • The 5 Critical Elements for Analyzing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),
  • Business Process Management,
  • Simple Solutions for Integrating Legacy Applications,
  • Government/Industry Partnerships.

Four Js regularly sponsors these CIO forums that have become popular with a variety of industry and government decision makers. Offering a unique opportunity to mix with executives from a variety of different fields, the forum  covers a broad range of subjects from corporate ERP integration with SAP through to “eGovernment.”

This year, the recurring theme was how Four Js contributed to the success of many of these large and complex projects through its “hands-on” expertise in problem resolution and rapid implementations.

“It’s great to be able to contribute to our customer’s goals,” said David Salazar, General Manager, Four Js Latin America.
“What’s equally gratifying is the relationships we have built along the way and the highly visible success that these projects have created for our partners and customers,” he added.

Moët & Chandon’s Argentinean brand Bodegas supports this point.

“It was surprising to achieve in 3 months what we feared would take years with other technologies,” said Marcelo Fianta, Bodegas Chandón, Argentinean subsidiary of Moet & Chandón. “Four Js is crucial to Chandon’s business, because it’s our core application for vineyard control and production, requiring extreme levels of high availability.” [read more]

Car dealer management software house Diasystems, Brazil expressed similar satisfaction with its productivity gains using Four Js products.

“Half of the team develop and maintain 90% of the SISDIA ERP package we release each year,” said Dario de Sena General Manager of Diasystem Brazil. “The other half maintains the remaining 10% written in Java ! “