Genero db 3.80.01 – Faster, more managable and more compatible

San Mateo, CA, USA – April 10, 2009 — Four Js Development Tools announced today the availability of Genero db 3.80.01, providing improved manageability, security and performance as well as  accelerating migrations from IBM® Informix®.

Genero db’s compatibility layer is designed for organizations looking to make 50-75% reductions in database operating costs, leveraging at the same time the very latest multi core technology. Quick to learn, easy to administer and simple to deploy, Genero db is ideal for new applications too – saving on future data center demands and energy.


Genero db 3.80 New Features

Improved Manageability and Performance

These new features are described in the Genero db Installation & Configuration Guides andGenero db Administration Guide.

  • User authentication modes are now configurable with the new parameter,AUTHENTICATION_MODE.
  • SRP security for server logins (RFC2945) is provided in this release, both with and without user name encryption.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) (role-based privileges), controls CPU allocation among competing users, to ensure quality of service to time-critical applications.
  • Client-only installer is available.
  • Silent installer is available.
  • New Information Schema view, INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ANTS_MEMORY_POOLS describes memory pool usage.
  • State-of-the-art ultra-fast failovers in a replicated High Availability server.
  • Readable replicas and Log Miners have improved fault tolerance when receiving from a replicated High Availability log forwarding server.
  • Readable replicas and Log Miners can continue to receive if either server of an High Availability log forwarding server pair fails.
  • The Import/Export utility uses Flood Insert by default.
  • In replicated environments, the configuration parameter, FAILOVER_TIMEOUT, has been replaced with a new parameter, REPLICATION_TIMEOUT, with improved functionality.

New Log Miner Features

  • 24 new Log Miner API functions have been added, including new Log Miner API functions to facilitate its use for replication.
  • The Log Miner has an output log and a state file.
  • The Log Miner has a Data Load Manager to facilitate propagation of existing tables to a target database.

Increased Compatibility

The following features have been implemented or enhanced for better compatibility with other database management systems. Refer to Genero db Programmer’s Guide, Genero db SQL Syntax Guide and Genero db Stored Procedure Language Syntax Guide for detail information on these features.

  • Double quotes and square brackets can be used to delimit identifiers in the Sybase and SQL-Server compatibility modes. (This feature is controlled by a new configuration parameterQUOTED_IDENTIFIER.)
  • Informix DATETIME and INTERVAL data types are supported.
  • Transact/SQL’s GOTO command is supported in SQL-T.
  • DEFINE can create a GLOBAL variable in SQL-I.
  • Public and private synonyms are supported (compatible with Informix and Oracle).
  • UNIQUE is now a synonym for DISTINCT (for Informix compatibility).

Improved SQL Functionality

Refer to Genero db Programmer’s Guide and Genero db SQL Syntax Guide for details on each new feature.

  • GRANT and REVOKE support the Informix-style system privileges, CONNECT, RESOURCE, and DBA.
  • New system-level privileges have been added:
    • CONNECT (for Informix compatibility mode)
    • CREATE SESSION (for Oracle and ANSI compatibility modes)
  • The DECIMAL data type supports precision up to 38 decimal digits.
  • The syntax, “… INTO TEMP ” in SELECT with UNION statement is supported.

Stored Procedures Enhancements

Refer to Genero db Programmer’s Guide and Genero db Stored Procedure Language Syntax Guide for details on these new features.

  • Nested blocks are allowed in SQL-P, SQL-T and SQL-I stored procedures.
  • Pseudo column ROWID is supported in the special “before” and “after” tables in triggers (NEW and OLD in SQL-P, INSERTED and DELETED in SQL-T, and the REFERENCING OLD and REFERENCING NEW tables in SQL-I).

New Features in Clients

  • The maximum ODBC packet size is now configurable. This allows configuration of Genero db clients to minimize the memory footprint when many statement handles are allocated.
  • ODBC function SQLCancel() now correctly cancels a running query if its session is not waiting on another session.

Migrating from 3.61 to 3.80

Documentation on migrating from Genero db 3.61 to 3.80 can be found by clicking here.

Packaging Dependencies

  • Genero 2.20.02
  • Genero 2.11.14

To obtain an evaluation copy or upgrade from a previous version, please contact your local Four Js sales office.

Best regards,
Four Js Development Tools

® IBM and Informix are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp.