DSC’s TIPTOP Takes Chinese Market by Storm

Taipei, Taiwan – May 1st 2005 — Data Systems Consulting Ltd. and Four Js Development Tools Ltd. announce a licensing deal today worth US$ 2.5M for Genero development & infrastructure software.

“This deal is testimony to the value Genero can bring to an industry leading ERP vendor like DSC. Our investment in a global language system supporting asian character sets is beginning to pay dividends.” announced Jean Georges Schwartz, CEO, Four Js Development Tools.

“Genero really opens up the Chinese market to us. Both from an infrastructure and database perspective. The barriers to sell are removed and we can offer TIPTOP on whatever platform our customers require,” declared Mark Ye, General Manager, DSC.

TIPTOP is DSC’s award winning ERP package. Founded in 1982, Data Systems Consulting Co. Ltd. is now entering its 24th year, growing from 3 employees to 870 today. The company’s capitalization has risen from NT$560,000 to NT$1 billion. Over the years, DSC has provided e-enablement services for more than 16,000 enterprises, including global accounts such as Acer and Foxconn.

Developed in Genero, TIPTOP is sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, penetrating a broad cross section of vertical manufacturing and service industries, including: electronics, electromechanical engineering, IT, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, the chemical industry, vehicle manufacturing, plastics, rubber product manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, the clothing industry, household goods manufacturing, precision instruments, leisure services etc. In 2002 DSC was awarded a Certificate for Excellence in the Field of Sustainable Development and Management (Technical Services Section) by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.