Four Js Attends Spring Government CIO Summit

Hilton Head, SC – May 15-17, 2005 – With around 25% of revenues coming from government business, Four Js sought to reinforce and create new relationships with leading Government CIOs at this major Government technology summit.

With applications addressing state education and health, city finances, emergency services, criminal records and defense needs, Four Js had much to say about the summit’s core theme of“Managing Complexity in the Enterprise”.

And Genero’s value proposition of greater developer productivity, project manageability and cost savings struck a chord with the Government CXOs in attendance.

The rate of technology refreshment is now staggering, producing a constant clip of new IT realities: the borderless enterprise, the irrelevance of wires, and the portability of hardware. Yet every new wave threatens to bring more options, more overhead and more complexity to government CXOs. The risk is that the race to meet these demands will produce a fog of new choices and complexities.

Government organizations seek solutions with more flexibility and scalability in order to address their ever changing IT needs. Times have changed – federal agencies need to work closely together and are migrating from “need to know” to “need to share”.

Genero’s ability to use an infrastructure that works in heterogeneous environments, reduces complexity and increases developer productivity was music to the ears of the attendees at the show.

As a result, Four Js is pursuing several interesting projects.