What is a Low Code Development Platform?

Interview with Bryn Jenkins, COO Four Js Development Tools.

According to Wikipedia

Read what Wikipedia has to say about Low-Code Development Platforms (LCDP).

And according to Gartner

Gartner defines low-code as follows:

  • A scripting or 4GL programming environment

  • Model-or form-driven development environment

  • Constrained language mechanism to provide:

    • business logic

    • complex application flows and data operations

    • external service access

Read more here: Low-code survey Jan19

By 2023, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) as one of their strategic application platforms.

Source: Gartner

Broaden the developer audience

By broadening the developer audience through an improved developer experience, centralized IT departments are now able to delegate more work to the ‘line of business’ and reduce their application request backlog.

The chart below shows which lines of business are using Low-Code technologies to help achieve this.

Source: Gartner Low Code Survey Jan 2019

That’s why businesses are searching for tools that better fit their needs and why they are increasingly finding favour for business applications.

Source: Gartner Low Code Survey Jan 2019