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I recently had the opportunity to pack my suitcase, jump on some airplanes, and visit face to face with a number of customers in the Asia Pacific region for the first time since the pandemic.  It was an interesting exercise in looking at where countries and society were positioned post pandemic, and also how companies had reacted with work from home policies.  For some companies, this meant down-sizing office footprints whilst some companies had some nice spacious new buildings commissioned pre-pandemic that had space waiting for employees to return.

Travel involving multiple cities in a short period of time gives a small insight as to what it is like to be a rockstar or sporting star and life on the road.  Different hotels, different restaurants and food experiences,  trying to find meals at odd hours, delayed planes, passports and visas.  Hence the mock tour merchandise in the article title photo.

What also was interesting was how often I could refer to Ask-Reuben articles or WWDC Presentations or GitHub examples  as part of my presentation or when it came to answering questions.  So to continue that band on the road metaphor, this article I have taken these articles, Github examples, website pages, points we covered and created a mock “setlist” that covers the points covered.

Like any band of the road, the choice of the last song is important.  In this case the Self-Paced Training Portal and Quiz were deliberate.

The Self-Paced Training Portal allow you to learn new concepts at your own pace.  Introduced a couple of years ago, new courses have gradually been added over time.  You will need to register, it does not come under the guise of our SSO.  I would encourage you to register and see what courses are available and work your way through them.

The Quiz was the last presentation at the last WWDC.  It should be seen as a fun way to test your knowledge on all things Four Js Genero.  For senior developers, we would expect you to be familiar with most of the concepts covered in the quiz.  So when you have a spare moment, run through the questions and answers in the PDF and see what it is you did not know.