Air Transit Leader SOTRACOM AIR TRANSIT selects Genero Cloud for securing freight forwarding app

Paris, France – February 18, 2019 — SOTRACOM AIR TRANSIT, the non-stop worldwide airline transit company that transports more than 150,000 tons of perishable food every year, has deployed its on-premise app as a Genero Cloud Software-as-a-Service.

“Before, we spent too much time administering our various sites: Brussels, Frankfurt, Roissy, Orly, and Madrid. This geographic dispersion plus the bespoke versions of our software made it increasingly difficult to meet our customer’s needs,” Said Frédéric Guilbert, CEO SOTRACOM AIR TRANSIT.

“With Genero Cloud we inverted this situation. We now spend 80% of our time improving our business processes because we understand the constantly changing environment and challenges of our industry. Now we have the time to innovate and anticipate needs instead of being slaves to them.”

“Naturally, I prefer a team focused on improving our competitivity rather than admin, where there is no value-add.”

“The Genero Cloud dashboard and Four Js team’s implication in the day-to-day system administration liberates us from having to deal with infrastructure: servers, network, OSes, etc.,” said Frédéric Rubio, IT Manager SOTRACOM AIR TRANSIT.

“When you are dealing with perishable goods on this scale, there is no room for downtime. Goods can’t languish for half a day while someone is trying to reboot a system,” continued Rubio. “For that reason, Four Js’ Service Level Agreement is key.”

“A big win was security, which before this move was a real challenge. Thanks to the harmonization of our procedures, the simplification of updates and adding new features serving four different countries, we are much more efficient,” said Yves Vallet, a principal in the design of the 25-year-old app.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating: our users really appreciate the result. We have response times that are often better than before and we have more time to listen,” concluded Frédéric Rubio.