Healthcare solutions provider, MedAdept, achieves HIPAA compliance through Genero Cloud

Irving, Texas – October 31, 2017 — MedAdept® LLC, the IT and analytics arm of ‘post-acute’ US healthcare solutions provider IncreMedical LLC, has deployed its care management suite for care coordination, home health, hospice, outpatient, long term care re-habilitation, and aftercare on Genero Cloud.

“Cloud had become an essential path to achieving HIPAA compliance for us,” said Al Buchala, Software Engineer at MedAdept. “Our biggest challenge was finding a Cloud provider we could trust.”

Al Buchala,
Software Engineer
MedAdept LLC

“The transition to Genero Cloud has enabled us to focus on other in-house development projects and client/patient needs. As a seasoned Microsoft® .Net® developer, I have grown my Cloud knowledge through this process thanks to Four Js. They were instrumental and dedicated to our success through their availability, initiative and technical expertise.”

Cloud and Managed Services Project

With over 1,000 customers, MedAdept provides access to patient medical records – a core function of healthcare management. The solution spans both Linux™ and MS® Windows® with a heavy emphasis on Web-based applications. Users may also access the applications via native desktop and mobile devices. Other applications in the Cloud suite are care management, care coordination and billing.

Why MedAdept chose Four Js’ Genero Cloud and Managed Services

  • Security:
    • Customized security plan to meet Medadept standards
    • Unlimited support with planning, implementation and training
  • Flexibility:
    • Support for Windows and Linux
    • Easy to scale to meet unforeseen end-user demand
    • Easy to maintain mirrored failover instances
  • Support:
    • Development and execution of the migration plan
    • Smooth migration process over 60 days

 About MedAdept

MedAdept, IncreMedical’s IT subsidiary, has developed a comprehensive suite of care management applications for care coordination, home health, hospice, outpatient, long term care rehabilitation, and aftercare. MedAdept’s® innovative MiLink® suite of applications embeds disease specific care pathways, clinical decision support, and analytics designed to enable coordinated, collaborative, and accountable care across the post-acute continuum by leveraging analytics, improving efficiencies, and enabling new cost effective care delivery models for accountable, value-based care.