BBC artist dues settled with Genero

London, England – December 21, 2016 – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has gone ‘live’ with its replacement ‘Artist Contribution Payment’ (ACON) and ‘Fastclear’ systems. The former manages artist contracts, while the latter is a music reporting system for BBC-backed independent producers.

Both applications enable artists and producers to consult their royalty payments and contract status over the Internet using the Genero Web Client.

The move to Genero provides the BBC with several important benefits. First and foremost, the system is now running on state-of-the-art hardware and application software, which delivers first-class security and enables its 380 users to benefit from Genero’s client accessibility improvements. These improvements enable visually impaired ACON users to enlarge display typefaces and listen to output using the ‘JAWs’ plug-in screen reader.

Integration with SAP has also been greatly improved using Web Services rather than by the older method of using FTP to transfer flat files.

Dependency on DDE and RTF file formats has been eliminated with the use of Genero Report Writer and future developments will see application deployments to mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets using Genero Mobile.

The BBC’s 10 developers are receiving extensive training on Genero Studio, which will facilitate the induction of new developers into the Genero community.