Zeuron pens Pro Services and Value Added Distributor agreement with Four Js

Irving, Texas – May 8, 2014 – Four Js Development Tools has signed Louisville based Zeuron Systems Inc. as a global professional services provider, and also granted value added distribution rights for the US, Canada and South West Asian regions.

Zeuron Systems has strong knowledge of Informix 4GL and Genero with domain expertise in applications development, modernization, consulting, training and technical support services. Zeuron has completed many successful modernization projects across the globe where Genero played a leading role.

“I meet customers struggling to face the challenges of an IT industry in a constant state of flux. I’m telling them to go with Genero if they want to be sure that today’s apps will still be relevant 20 years from now.

Jogeswar Mallick,
CEO Zeuron System Inc.

“This partnership further strengthens commercial and technical ties between the two companies and sends a strong message to our joint customer base. We look forward to supporting them to the best of our ability”, said Mallick.

“I have known Jogeswar since 2007 and trust his business judgement and team, whose depth of knowledge in Genero is among the best. We work well together”, said Bryn Jenkins, COO Four Js.

Zeuron System has its off-shore delivery center in Chennai, India, although developers work on-site too to ensure end-to-end support for critical applications.

Zeuron Systems has also developed its own APIs that can be customized to each customer’s needs and ensure swift and effective deployments.