CAESAR conquers financial markets with Genero 2.50

Zeuron Systems modernizes financial services apps

Irving, Texas – May 19, 2014 Zeuron Systems, a Four Js professional services partner, has been awarded a project to modernize CAESAR, a leading financial brokerage automation system developed by San Diego based Financial Database Services (FDBS). CAESAR, considered by industry pundits to be one of the finest back-office automation systems of its kind, was originally written in Dynamic 4GL. The project covers the implementation of the latest Genero 2.50 features.

We are extremely pleased with the results already achieved using Genero 2.50 and our team continues to work with Zeuron to leverage their capabilities in the domain.

Greg Nesbitt,
Engineering Manager

The management team at FDBS was pleased with the results of the initial PoC, which demonstrated a fresh and modern appearance to certain critical CAESAR modules. Work continues on the rest of the application. The modernization process includes Zeuron’s value-added library which provides ‘top menus’, ‘multiple keys’, ‘tree and paged views’, look-ups and data validation among others.


In 1979, FDBS pioneered broker dealer automation with CAESAR, a commission processing and compliance system. Today CAESAR is a powerful, mature and proven back office management solution installed at fully-disclosed brokerage houses, banks and large insurance broker divisions. It caters to over 6 million retail customers & more than 70,000 sales reps handling 135.6 million transactions.

About Zeuron Systems

Zeuron is a global Genero professional services provider with strong expertise in Informix 4GL and Genero application development, consulting, enhancement, training and support. The company’s key focus is to deliver a high level of service to its customers, round-the-clock support and enforce Service Level Agreements of critical processes.