CEVA Logistics expedites Genero deployment

Milan, Italy – August 20, 2014 – CEVA, one of the world’s leading non‐asset based supply chain management companies with annual revenues of over $8.5Bn in 2013 has deployed a logistics and freight forwarding application developed with Genero.


The application – named Reticolo and based in Milan Italy, runs core business systems including the expediting of goods to Europe’s leading publishing and telco companies.

The application is running on 2 AIX® powered IBM® P740 servers hooked up to an EMC® Storage Area Network (SAN). Each system runs 4 Power 7 cores and 64GB of RAM. Network connections are achieved through 3 fibre channel connections at 8GB/s and 2 Gigabit Ethernet intefaces. A backup system of 2 IBM P570 servers provides High Availability replicating data to a second slave EMC SAN syncrhonised in real-time to the master.

The project was managed by Datamar with support from Four Js Value Added DistributorREweb s.r.l.

CEVA continues to evolve the application and is reviewing the development of future mobile apps with Genero Mobile.

® IBM and AIX are registered trademarks of IBM Corp.
EMC is a registered trademark of EMC Corp.