Four Js showcases Mobile and Cloud at the IIUG 2013 Conference

Irving, Texas – April 16, 2013— Following on from last year’s success at the International Informix User’s Group (IIUG) conference, we have prepared with IBM (NYSE:IBM) another dedicated 16 session Genero track at this year’s conference.

We will also be demonstrating Genero Mobile for the first time  – an embedded runtime system for smartphones and tablets that will enable you to create autonomous mobile applications that leverage the power of 4GL. We will update you on our Cloud initiative and showcase Business Application Modeler – an application generator that will help reduce your applications backlog.

We have also invited customers to present their own experiences, taking you through their thinking process and benefits of using Genero. Our leading experts will be on hand to provide tips and answer those difficult questions about your own particular situation.

Protect your investment in 4GL. Come see us at the IIUG 2013 conference.

Genero Track Conference Agenda

All “G” sessions will take place in the Cabrillo 2 salon. “D” sessions take place in Balboa 1 and “E” sessions in Balboa 2. Click here for the complete hotel floor plan.

Monday — April 22, 2013

G01 9:45a – 10:45a Genero – develop dynamic screen layouts with the Abstract User Interface
G02 10:55a – 11:55a Modernizing a 4GL application with Genero
G03 1:05p – 2:05p Genero deployment strategies
G04 2:15p – 3:15p Create mobile applications with Genero – three scenarios
G05 3:35p – 4:35p Genero Mobile: create native, connection-less, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets
G06 4:45p – 5:45p Building SaaS applications with Genero Cloud

Tuesday — April 23, 2013

G07 8:15a – 9:15a Application modeling with Genero Studio
G08 9:30a – 10:30a Genero Studio advanced: more sophisticated ‘apps-in-a-snap’ with Business Application Modeler
G09 10:50a – 11:50a Leveraging the Java ecosystem with Genero
D10 1:05p – 2:05p Practical tips for improving corporate project visibility using Genero
G10 1:05p – 2:05p Genero Studio:I4GL modernization made easy
E11 2:15p – 3:15p Why your business needs to look at Genero now
G11 2:15p – 3:15p Genero Studio: Create your own templates for Business Application Modeler
G12 3:35p – 4:35p Create connected mobile applications using Genero
G13 4:45p – 5:45p Designing graphical reports with Genero

Wednesday — April 24, 2013

G14 9:45a – 10:45a Genero – everything you need to know that never quite got documented