Europe’s largest stadium hosts Genero Mobile

Madrid, Spain – October 30, 2013‘Camp Nou’ – as Barcelona FC’s stadium is affectionately known – played host to Four Js Iberica’s latest customer event to celebrate an excellent year, share future product plans and user experiences with over fifty customers and prospects.

Delegates came from the public and private sector with several multinationals from the cosmetic, logistics and food industries looking for the ‘path of least resistance’ towards the ‘promised land’ of the mobile enterprise application. They came to listen to analysis about the sea-change provoked by the upsurge in mobile application usage and see at first-hand the promise of Genero Mobile.

Genero Mobile is a unique development and deployment framework that enables the rapid creation of cross-platform Mobile Enterprise Applications using Genero Studio. Studio’s unique ability to abstract an application’s architecture across all its layers – the user interface, business logic and native API calls – delivers a single code base that runs indifferently on iOS and Android. Rival systems provide some of this abstraction, but not across all layers. This is significant because it provides a simple path to over 90% of the mobile market for desktop developers unable to invest the time and effort to learn the complex and mutually exclusive worlds of iOS and Android.

Guests also enjoyed Coronel Intendencia D. J. Emerito Vazquez Ramos’s passionate account of how Genero has enabled Spain’s Ministry of Defence over the past 12 years and in particular helped its airforce to evolve its “Sistema Integrado de Gestión Económica del Aire” (SIGEA) – an integrated budgeting system that started out life on green screens and now runs effortlessly across the Web.

The crowning moment of the day was the exclusive Camp Nou experience that lead delegates through a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium, its myths and of course legendary museum.