Genero 2.41 General Availability

Irving, Texas – December 7, 2012 — Four Js Development Tools is pleased to announce the general availability of Genero version 2.41. This maintenance release includes improvements to the HTML5 theme for the Genero Web Client (GWC) and new templates for the Business Application Modeling (BAM) tool.

More complete HTML5 for GWC

The HTML5 theme has been updated to support most Genero features. This update includes improvements to layouting, support for Genero presentation styles (4st), support for TTY attributes, and support for ‘traditional mode’. Migration to HTML5 from the AJAX and Silverlight theme, and from the Genero Desktop Client (GDC) is greatly simplified thanks to these improvements.

Migration to HTML5 from the GDC delivers a workable Web application with few changes to existing code. The HTML5 theme does not strictly mimic the behavior of the GDC however: support for TopMenu and StartMenu is minimal and desktop shortcuts and ergonomics are not all included in this release.

sc1_241_gdc_680 sc1_241_html5_680
sc2_241_gdc_680 sc2_241_html5_680
Sample GDC screens Sample HTML5 screens

With HTML5, applications can work on the desktop and mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. The introduction of a ‘hybrid mode’ in Genero Web Client with this release provides a method for developing mobile applications running under iOS and Android platforms.

New Business Application Modeling templates

Genero Studio’s Business Application Modeling now includes a new default template – dbapp2.0 – for generating feature rich database applications.

Database access code is now centralized and generated from the database meta-schema, benefiting all forms and reports. This centralized code also provides a unique entry point to guarantee the consistency of the database by checking constraints such as uniqueness and NOT NULL. SERIAL, field activation, and default values are now managed as well. User defined constraints and data checking can be added as custom code. In addition, the ability to Search, Add, Modify, and Delete can be defined by data set in the form. This functionality can be set on each record allowing for more complex user interfaces, such as multiple master/detail relationships within a form.

Business Application Modeling

Four Js License Manager 5.14.xx

Customers using the Four Js License Manager (FLM) must upgrade the FLM version 5.14.xx when upgrading to Genero 2.41.