HTML5 Definition Complete, W3C Moves to Testing and Performance

Irving, Texas – December 20, 2012 – HTML5 has moved one step closer to becoming an official Web standard with the W3C’s Tuesday announcement that it has completed the defintion phase and is now moving to testing and performance (“Candidate Recommendation”). The W3C’s goal with this standard is to reduce current browser fragmentation that increases the cost of developement by unifying all features under a common framework.

At the same time the release of Genero 2.41 to general availability December 7 includes improvements to the HTML5 theme for the Genero Web Client (GWC). The HTML5 theme has been updated to support most Genero desktop features such as improvements to layouting, support for Genero presentation styles (4st), support for TTY attributes, and support for ‘traditional mode’. Migration to HTML5 from the AJAX and Silverlight theme, and from the Genero Desktop Client (GDC) is greatly simplified thanks to these improvements.