Samba ! Brazil‘s Transamèrica goes live in time for ’Carnival’

São Paulo, Brazil – February 28, 2011 – The Transamérica Hospitality Group, Brazil’s Top 4 luxury hotel chain, announced today it was ‘going live’ March 1st just in time for the Carnival rush with a refreshed back-office system developed with Genero.

Having successfully migrated away from legacy applications over the last few months, Transamérica Hospitality Group will start work on their next phase of development exposing internal business processes to the Web.

“My ultimate goal is to be the first to implement online reservations directly into the system without any back-office operator intervention”, declared Paulo de Tarso Rodrigues, IT Director and TH Group board member.

With over 200 operators managing financial, accounting and billing functions across 20 hotels and 3,000 beds, de Tarso’s team has achieved tight integration with its front-office systems via web services.