IBM Informix Genero – accelerating a new generation of mobile and cloud-based applications

March 29, 2011 — IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Four Js Development Tools announced the immediate availability of the complete suite of Genero products directly from IBM asInformix Genero.

Genero provides users with an intuitive, purpose-built development environment to rapidly develop mobile and cloud-based business solutions, and transform existing Informix 4GL applications.

Many Informix customers are looking to modernize their existing business applications and Genero was selected as the best path forward for that community.

IBM will also recruit new business partners in new markets looking for a more productive development environment for mobile and cloud applications. IBM’s reputation for world class innovation and services combined with Four Js’ Genero make a winning combination in this emerging application development market.

As part of the agreement, both IBM and Four Js have agreed to collaborate on the future roadmap of Genero.

Read IBM’s official announcement  here.

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