Technical Advisory Council provides platform for product plan and future business model discussion

Irving, Texas – June 14, 2009 — Four Js Development Tools Inc. gathered its leading customers from North and South America at the Omni Mandalay Resort, Las Colinas, Texas this weekend to discuss product plans and industry trends at its 2009 Technical Advisory Council.

Four Js is pursuing important strategic changes in its ‘go-to-market’ strategy and as a result hosts such events to garner feedback from the very people shaping business software at the ‘sharp end’. The sessions were lively, delegates were active and the feedback was valuable.

“We are planning technology three years out and experimenting with new business models in the Cloud Computing space,” explained Pat Moore, VP Americas, Four Js. “It’s crucial we validate that strategy with our customers; their contribution and experience will translate into deeper market penetration.”

Pat Moore turned the sessions over to Four Js leading product group development managers including Genero, Genero Studio, Genero db and the newly-released Genero Report Writer.

Of particular interest to delegates was a presentation and demonstration of Genero applications running “in the Cloud” on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web service. It showed how Four Js technology is ready today to leverage the emerging, pay-as-you-go billing model that promises web-scale deployments of a new breed of business apllications.

Delegates arrived over the weekend to brave the notorious Dallas summer heat and were unanimous in the view that this event should become an annual fixture.

Technical Advisory Council 2009

Here are some of the presentations made during our 2009 Technical Advisory Council available
for public view. You will also find some entertaining pictures at the right of that page. Enjoy !

Document Description Presenter
00_tac2009_welcome_and_agenda PDF Welcome / Agenda Review Pat Moore
01a_tac2009_gst PDF Technical review: Genero Studio IDE Christophe Meyer
01b_tac2009_grw PDF Technical review: Genero Report Writer Christophe Meyer
02_tac2009_fgl PDF Technical review: Genero Virtual Machine, Compiler and language Rene Schacht
03_tac2009_guife_gasd_gws PDF Technical review: Genero GUI Front Ends, Application Server & Web Services Olivier Imbert
04_tac2009_generodb PDF Technical review: GeneroDB Wajahath Quraishi, Jeff Spirn & Stephen Sykes
05_tac2009_genero_cloud PDF Introduction to Genero Cloud offering Laurent Galais, Wajahath Quraishi & Stephen Sykes