Largest Malaysian port facility streamlines business processes with Genero and Genero db

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – July 9, 2009  – Northport, operator of the largest multipurpose port facility in Malaysia, has decided to modernize and replace its Informix supply chain management system with Genero and Genero db.
Applications providing information in the form of manifests and container movements to freight forwarders, customs clearance companies, the customs and port authorities are now being developed in Genero. The entire system runs on a dual duo core server with a ‘hot standby’ for redundancy.

“We have been trying to modernize this application for some time and were getting all kinds of advice – each one more expensive than the other. In the end, the only one that made sense was Genero,” said Suresh Kumar, Assistant General Manager, Northport. “The surprise though was discovering Genero db. The budget savings we make there means I can reopen and rapidly deploy projects that increase my competitive edge.”

Having first viewed Genero’s potential at the South East Asia Customer Council last October, Northport’s interest intensified during the proof of concept phase on discovery of the significant economies to be made. Their need to streamline critical supply chain business processes by exposing them to the Internet was the impetus behind the original project, but reduction of the total cost of database ownership drove the final decision.

About Northport

Northport provides a comprehensive range of conventional services, which includes handling of dry bulk, break bulk and liquid cargo at both Northport and Southpoint berths, with back up facilities such as transit sheds, warehouses, mechanical handling equipment and bulk cranes.