Bodegas Chandon reaps the rewards of its latest harvest – a modernised Vineyard Management System

Buenos Aires, Argentina – March 12, 2009BODEGAS CHANDON S.A. Argentinean subsidiary of world leading Champagne brand Moët & Chandon LVMH announced deployment of its latest Genero based Vineyard Management System today to drive management, warehouse logistics and critical business processes that support harvesting and wine making.

“Our primary reason for using Genero was the preservation of our developer skills and code,” said Marcelo Fianta, IT Project Leader, Bodegas Chandon. “I couldn’t imagine scrapping that investment in domain knowledge. It represents centuries of accumulated wisdom and is one of our key competitive advantages.”

In recent years Bodegas Chandon has made significant investments in reaching its storage capacity of about 17,000,000 litres. Fermentation tanks are controlled by computers and cybernetics to control drip irrigation at an altitude in excess of 1000 meters above sea level.

After benchmarking different technologies, Bodegas Chandon selected Genero for its ease of use, rapid application development and compatibility with existing IBM(r) Informix(r) products. Bodegas Chandon are now reviewing Genero and Genero db for future requirements.

Currently employing 500 people dedicated to producing the world’s best wines and creating that distinction so cherished by the Argentinean palate, Bogedas Chandon’s new Vineyard Management System revitalises the infrastructure on which it builds its corporate values – exceptional quality, innovation, creativity and the quest for excellence.

About Bodegas Chandon S.A.


In 1446, Jean and Nicolas Moët were made nobles by King Charles VII: thus was born the famous dynasty that later was to give its name to the greatest chapter in the history of champagne. In 1743, one of the descendants of the Moët brothers, Claude Moët, who had been a wine trader in Epernay since the early 18th century, founded the Maison Moët.

His grandson, Jean Rémy Moët, who was a visionary with a pioneering spirit, transformed this trading company into the world’s leading luxury brand which, for over two and a half centuries now, has been the veritable embodiment, around the world, of the genius of champagne. Since this date of 1743, Moët & Chandon has elaborated the world’s favourite champagnes.

The quality of the wines gives full expression to the richness and diversity of the fabulous vineyards, the largest and most prestigious estate in the whole of Champagne, made up almost exclusively of Premiers Crus and Grands Crus. Joyous wines, with a generous and seductive personality, distinguished by their sparkling fruitiness, their flavoursome body and their elegant maturity.

Ever loyal to the ambition of Jean-Rémy, who believed more than any other in the seductive power and the magic of champagne, Moët & Chandon is still, and more than ever before, the symbol of pleasure, grandeur and pure celebration.

The establishment of Bodegas Chandon

The visionary Count Robert Jean de Vogue, president of Moët & Chandon, recognized that other winegrowing regions outside France’s Champagne region had extraordinary potential for creating high quality sparkling wine. This led him to ask oenologist Renaud Poirier to seek out unexplored terroirs where superior New World sparkling wines could be produced.

Between 1957 and 1959 Poirier conducted several oenological trials, convincing him that Argentina, specifically the Mendoza district of Agrelo, was the ideal place to locate Moët & Chandon’s first winery outside of France. Clay-based soil, a semi-desert climate, fresh nights and distinctive thermal amplitude combined to create the perfect conditions for obtaining grapes with high concentration, body and flavour.

As producer of the legendary Don Perignon, Moët & Chandon set high expectations for Bodegas Chandon.

Through their wisdom and tremendous marketing, Bodegas Chandon quickly established Andalusia Chandon champagne at the top and imposed a marked change in the drinking habits of the Argentinean people.

Bodegas Chandon now has a privileged position in the market for wines, sustained by the singular success of the Comte de Valmont – very smooth and balanced, cutting Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon – which has developed a passionate following among connoisseurs the world over.  Recognised for its premium sparking wines under the Chandon and Baron B. brands, along with the Valmont, Latitud 33, 2Voces and Guiado still wines, Bodegas Chandon has become the leader in its domestic market.

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