ANTS software and Four Js sign asset purchase agreement for ANTS DATA SERVER

Agreement Seen as Critical Step to Achieving Companies’ Respective Strategic Milestones

BURLINGAME, Calif., May 22, 2008 – ANTs® software inc. (OTCBB:ANTs), a leader in compatible, high-performance SQL database management systems, and Four Js® Development Tools, Inc., a leader in development tools for business applications, today announced they have reached an asset purchase agreement covering the ANTs Data Server (ADS). Under the agreement, Four Js will purchase the ADS – rebranded by Four Js as Genero db – its intellectual property rights and patents, and certain fixed assets. The agreement enables ANTs to focus exclusively on its newly-released ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) product, and provides Four Js with a powerful enhancement to its Genero® product line, while opening the door to a $16 billion database market. The ADS brand will dissapear in favour of Genero db.

“Genero db is the perfect complement to our strategy and leverages our existing strengths in application development,” said Jean-Georges Schwartz, CEO Four Js. “Now that we own the technology, we can better fit the development agenda to our needs. What excites me the most about this agreement is the opportunity to disrupt the market with a revolutionary enterprise-class architecture. Through its compatibility layer, we can migrate customers painlessly and its ability to slash the number of servers in a cluster will surely be well received by a world increasingly keen to conserve energy.”

As part of the multi-million dollar agreement, employees working on the ADS will join Four Js and current ADS customers will receive support from Four Js. Under the terms of the purchase, ANTs retains fifty percent of license and maintenance revenue from its reseller agreement with IBM® to supply the US Navy DDG1000 Destroyer program for a period of four years. ANTs will also retain unrestricted license rights to key ADS technologies that are utilized in the ANTs Compatibility Server.

Genero db is a high-performance, scalable, relational database for mission-critical applications already being used to manage 900 stores of a Fortune 100 US retailer.

“We are pleased with the agreement, which offers Four Js a strong competitive advantage in its target market and enables ANTs to build on the technologies developed for the ANTs Data Server,” said Joseph Kozak, chairman and CEO of ANTs Software. “Moving forward, ANTs is in an excellent position to focus its full resources on development, sales and deployment of the ANTs Compatibility Server.”

A full featured, standards-compliant relational database management system, the ANTs Data Server is based on a breakthrough, high-performance SQL query execution engine that incorporates patented lock-free operations. The ANTs Data Server is compatible with applications written for Oracle, Oracle-TimesTen, Informix and MS SQL Server databases.

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About Four Js Development Tools

Four Js is a privately held company that develops, markets and sells Genero – a development and deployment environment purpose built for the creation of highly scalable, mission critical, transaction oriented business applications. Genero improves programmer productivity by enabling the rapid and predictable development and deployment of business process logic across a variety of clients (Windows®, Apple® Mac®, Web browser) databases (Microsoft® SQL Server, IBM, Oracle®) and operating systems (Windows XP®/Vista®, Unix®, Linux®).

Present on five continents, Four Js has a prestigious roster of clients: adidas, Antonio Merloni, BBC, British Petroleum (BP), Daewoo Heavy Industries Inc., Deluxe, Fritolay-Pepsico, Hastings Entertainment, the Mexican Govt. Institute of Civil Servant Social Security Services (ISSSTE), the Italian Foreign Office (MAE Italia), Kmart, Office Cleaning Services (OCS), Pace Petroleum, the Public Broadcasting Service of America (PBS), Porto Seguro, Reebok, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sears, Skechers, the Spanish Air Force and Army, Sprint, Tramontina, the US Naval Safety Center, and Xcel Energy to name but a few. For more information visit

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About ANTs software inc.

ANTs software inc. (OTCBB: ANTs), based in Silicon Valley, is the developer of the ANTs Compatibility Server, a software solution that accelerates database consolidation between database vendors, enabling application portability. The company’s mission is to help customers reduce hardware, software, and development costs by providing exceptional data management solutions. For more information, visit

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