UK Ministry of Defense targets significant improvements in cost and operational efficiencies with the help of Infor SCM

London, England – May 10th, 2007 – The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) has selected Infor’s supply chain management solution for its Defence Storage and Distribution Agency (DSDA) providing support for the British Armed Forces. Infor SCM is developed with Genero and uses its web client user interface. Deployment is planned over the next 9 months.

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The role of the DSDA is to receive, store, maintain, issue, process and distribute materiel for the MoD and other designated users. With an inventory of 1.5 million line items having a value of £12.5 billions and processing 3.1 million issues a year, Defence Storage and Distribution Agency (DSDA) is the vital component in the MoD’s supply chain.

Its mission is to sustain the fighting power of the UK Armed Forces by provisioning services on operational and expeditionary deployments, as well as meeting the routine requirements of UK Forces worldwide.

“The reason we exist is to support the British Armed Forces. DSDA is the launch and recovery platform for Britain’s Defence and nothing will be allowed to cause our support to the Navy, Army and Air Force to falter,” said Mr. Neil Firth, CEO DSDA. “The newly shaped agency became operational in April of 2006 and we are now embarking on a major change programme to transform military logistics activities in the UK and Northern Europe. This will involve a radical programme of efficiency measures and the introduction of commercial logistics practices to improve service levels, reduce throughput times, increase reliability and drive down costs.”

As part of the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO), DSDA operates out of five major storage and distribution centres with around 30 supporting units in the UK and North West Europe. There are a further eight major munitions facilities throughout the UK and Germany, responsible for the processing and storage of complex and conventional weapons.

“Inventory is planned for every stock location and distribution points are replenished to meet demand, delivering a global sourcing plan for manufacturers and suppliers,” said Bob Ervien, Director, HW Sales & Alliances, Infor. “The result is total visibility of supply and demand, synchronized to ensure greater fulfillment at lower costs.”